Supporting nature in Southwark

Taking action to support nature and biodiversity in Southwark neighbourhoods and green spaces

Latest Updates

Bowyer Place Vision

Burgess Park west and Bowyer Place  РThis is the first step of a bigger plan to improve nature corridors between the park and Camberwell Green.

Update on Floating Islands

In December new islands will be installed on the lake.  They will provide safe places for the waterfowl to build nests, once the planting is established. In spring 2021 the bankside will be repaired with additional soil to cover the lake liner and new planting with plants to help oxygenate the water helping to keepContinue reading “Update on Floating Islands”

Update on Bird boxes

A survey and maintenance report on bird boxes was written for Southwark Council and circulated by Jonathan Best, Ecology Officer.¬† The following parks were visited: Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, Pasley Park, Victory Community Park, Salisbury Row Park, Surrey Square, Mint Street Park, Nursery Row Park, St Georges Churchyard and Cobourg Road Nature Area (Burgess Park).Continue reading “Update on Bird boxes”


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